A Day in the Life of a KYW Camper

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A Day in the Life of a KYW Camper

Hello and welcome. Throughout this blogpost you will find out what a typical day on camp looks like for a Knockadoon Youth Week camper! If you’re due to come to camp in the summer for the first time, or if you’re still thinking about whether or not you’d like to come down for a week, then this blogpost is for you!

Due to a varied and jam packed schedule, no two days on camp are ever the same. However, the general structure of each day is similar. 

So sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Each morning, the alarm rings at 8.30am. After a big yawn and stretch you are ready for the exciting day ahead. At 9, you will make your way down to the ref where you will get some breakfast. There will be a choice of cereal, toast or fresh fruit and a nice wee cup of tea or a glass of juice to set you up for the day! 

After breakfast, we break into groups and do catechesis. At the end of each catechesis session, there is usually a guest speaker who gives a testimony about his/ her life. Some inspirational people who have visited camp and given their testimonies include Joanne O’Riordan, Mickey Drennan and Fionnbar Walsh. 

After catechesis, you can relax, chat to your friends and get ready for some lunch. 

After lunch, the world is your oyster in terms of activities! Depending on what you are interested in, there is a choice of football, dodgeball, basketball, crab fishing, cliff walking, table tennis, snooker, cycling, guitar lessons, meditation, swimming, pier jumping, arts and crafts, Jenga, connect 4, chess, draughts – the list is endless! You can choose to do whatever you’re in the mood for. If you would prefer to just chill in the sun with your friends and have the chats that’s also absolutely fine. 

After all that running and racing, you’re going to be hungry – so it’s time for dinner in the ref! 

After dinner, there is usually time to chill out, get some snacks from the shop and get ready for the evening activities. 

The evening activities each night are always different but always super super fun! We might have a talent show, quiz night, bonfire, disco, lip sync battles, to name but a few. During evening activities there is also a chance to gain bunkhouse points for your bunkhouse, so the competition can be FIERCE!! 

At midnight, each bunkhouse will settle for the night and lights out shortly afterwards. 

As you can see, Knockadoon is not merely a place for the sporty, musical, or artistic kids – Knockadoon is a place for everyone. Each day will give you an opportunity to create new memories, make new friends and try new things. 

Can’t wait to see you on camp in Summer 2022! 

-Hannah O’Hare

Assistant Senior Leader, KYW.

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