Frequently Asked Questions

We have complied a list of our most frequently asked questions and answered them below. If you have other questions that are not answered here, please use the contact form to get in touch with us and we will answer your queries ASAP.

Are the campers allowed off camp?

The campers leave the camp in groups for certain activities, such as walking and swimming. They are always under the supervision of at least 2 leaders. Other than this, the only other time the campers leave Knockadoon is for our day trip, where they usually go into a nearby town to do some shopping. Again, each group of campers is under the supervision of at least 2 leaders at all times.

What activities are available/ what do the campers do on camp?

We offer a broad range of activities. Each morning, (10am-12pm) the children engage in themed catechesis workshops, and in the afternoons and evenings the leaders run activities. Campers are free to pick and choose their afternoon competitions, but all of our evening activities are compulsory to attend.

Examples of afternoon competitions and activities (2pm-6pm): Arts and crafts, basketball, crab fishing, cycling, chess, darts, draughts, football, GAA, guitar lessons, Just Dance, pool, rounders, swimming, table tennis and many more.

Examples of evening activities: (7pm-11:45pm) ‘I’m a Leader, Get Me Out of Here!’ , Knockadoon’s Got Talent, bonfire, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, themed discos, Leader Off the Pier, Lip Sync Battles and many more.

Where do the campers sleep, and are they supervised at night?

The campers stay in bunkhouses, which are separated between boys and girls. Each house has 5 rooms and each room has 4 beds. The children select who they share a room with themselves. There are 4 beds in each room, however, if possible, a spare mattress may be added if there’s a group of 5. After evening activities, 2 over 18 leaders take the campers to their bunkhouse, and remain in the house for the entire night. The leaders ensure that the children get washed, changed and into bed as quickly as possible. Lights out is at 12am and the leaders wake the campers each morning at 8:15am for breakfast.

Who are the leaders?

Our leaders are volunteers aged 17-27 years. The majority of them are past campers, who wish to give the opportunity for the next generation to experience Knockadoon. On any given week, out of a total of 30 leaders we have at least 2 qualified lifeguards, at least 2 medical officers who have Advanced First Aid training and a child protection officer. All of our leaders have completed a certified Child Protection course and are Garda Vetted.

What is the food like? What if my child has food allergies / dietary requirements?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the canteen each day, at 9am, 1pm and 6pm. A head count is taken at every meal time to ensure that all campers are in attendance. There are a selection of cereals available for breakfast, as well as tea and toast. Lunches usually consist of beans, sausage rolls, chicken goujons, waffles, soup and sandwiches. Dinner time meals would usually be along the lines of chicken curry, pasta or burger and chips.

There is a space on the Medical Form which each child must bring to camp, which allows parents to communicate any allergies or dietary requirements. The camp chef and the kitchen staff who prepare the meals, accommodate all requirements for anyone who requires alternate meals to be made.

What do the campers need to pack?

The following are suggestions of what your child will need for the week: rough clothes (runners, old tracksuits and sports clothes); toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, roll on/stick deodorant); towels; swim gear; a sleeping bag/blanket and pillow; warm/waterproof clothes (heavy jumper, rain jacket); adequate sun protection, especially if they burn easily in the sea air. Good clothes may be brought for the day trip.

Mobile phones and other electronic devices are not forbidden on camp, but we do not accept any responsibility if they get lost. The Senior Leader has a camp phone through which parents and campers can stay in touch if they need to.

In terms of pocket money, how much you give is at your own discretion. Campers may only spend €3 per day at our tuck shop on camp, and we sell KYW t-shirts at the end of the week for €10 each. Apart from that, the only other opportunity that the campers have to spend money is on our day trip, when they may visit Tesco or Supervalu.

What if my child feels homesick, or wishes to come home?

Homesickness is not uncommon, particularly in cases where it is the first time that the camper has ever been away from home. Our leaders are used to helping campers settle in, and are always on the look out for campers who may come down by themselves, or who may be shy. Bunkhouse leaders ensure that each child has someone with whom they feel comfortable sharing a room, and during activities there are always a number of leaders available to help the campers feel included and make new friends.

Usually after the first day or two, the homesickness usually goes away. If it persists, and the child is adamant that they want to go home, the Senior Leader will contact the parents and arrange for them to be collected from camp.

Can the campers go swimming? Is it safe?

Knockadoon is situated right on the coast, and our camp has access to a beach area with a slipway and a pier. Campers are allowed to go swimming and diving at certain times during the day, under the supervision of our qualified lifeguards.

Are phones permitted? Is there internet?

Phones are permitted on camp, however, we will encourage campers not to use them, and we encourage getting involved in activities instead. The only internet access will be your mobile data, phone signal may not be strong in all parts of the camp.

Can campers go to the shop?

Campers are not allowed to leave camp. Each night there will be a tuck shop, where they can spend up to €3. As well as this, they will be able to go to the shop during the day trip, usually Supervalu or Tesco.

Is there merchandise?

Different coloured t-shirts are €12 each and can be purchased on camp.