‘Walk to Knockadoon’

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‘Walk to Knockadoon’

It has been over 9 weeks since the KYW were informed that Knockadoon Camp was going to remain closed for this summer, in order to ensure the safety of the campers, leaders, staff, Dominicans and visitors that come to the camp each year. As the restrictions ease, some of us may gradually return to work and we have the freedom to meet our friends again in small groups. Life may have been quite confined for some in the past few weeks, but as we edge ever closer to Saturday the 13th June, the KYW wishes to bring everyone together again, in whatever way we can.

We should be planning activities, packing our bags and setting our alarm to catch the bus to camp for the first of our weeks this Saturday. Instead, I’d like to invite the leaders to pull out their red jumpers, the campers to pull out their KYW t-shirts and everyone to still set their alarm so that we can collectively walk the distance that we would have travelled to camp this weekend.


Starting from Annaclone, our most northerly region, and mapping the route through our bus stops in Newry, Dundalk, Tallaght, Newbridge and Midway, before eventually reaching Knockadoon Camp. The walk would be 226miles/364km in length.

Event plan:
We’re using a website called Challenge Hound that lets us set up a group activity challenge. The target has been set to 364km, and everyone with access to the link can enter the challenge and log how many kilometres they’ve contributed to the goal. Every time someone registers how many kilometres they’ve walked, ran or cycled, the total comes up to show how far we’ve collectively travelled. We have 24 hours to complete the task – the challenge is only accessible on Saturday the 13th June. To get involved:
  1. Decide how many km you want to do, and track your movement (Strava / mapmyroute / etc) – it’s up to you if you want to walk, run or cycle your distance;
  2. Log your km on the Challenge Hound activity page found here.
  3. Upload your route to your Instagram story and tag @knockadoonyouthweek, or send us in your photos via Facebook.

The Knockadoon Youth Week prides itself on being more than a single week away each summer; we are a community, and a support system. We may not be able to gather as a group for now, but we will stay connected until it is safe to see each other again. Tell your friends, parents, siblings, and join us in our ‘Walk to Knockadoon’ this Saturday.

Le grá go deo,


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